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Ways to stay hydrated everywhere!

Ways to stay hydrated everywhere!

There are many reasons why someone may choose to buy bottled water instead of carrying around a reusable one. They're heavy, bulky, where can I refill them, where can I put them, and on and on. Today, we're looking at the most common reasons as to why people don't carry a reusable bottle!

1. They're bulky and inconvenient. 

Many state that they don't like to carry a bottle because they will have to carry it by hand. However, there are plenty of alternatives! You can fit a 21oz or 14oz Robson in your back pocket, as long as your pockets are large or stretchy enough. Our new 14oz Robson is our most convenient size yet. At only 250mm high, the smallest entry into the line can fit anywhere! Purses, pockets, small bags, and or course, in your hand. Alternatively, you can leave a large 27oz or 28oz bottles in your vehicle and always have ice cold refreshment on hand, without the worries of having BPA leachate in the water. LAMOSE also offers a convenient bottle carrier that can be clipped onto bags, belts, or makes carrying your bottle by hand easier. 

You can safely leave your LAMOSE bottle in your car for long periods of time. It's double wall insulation and food grade steel construction protects your water from contaminants and keeps it at a desirable temperature.


2. There's nowhere to refill them. 

So many people argue that a reusable bottle doesn't hold enough water for them, that they tend to drink several bottles of water a day. Worry not! If you're in a town or city, there is always a place to refill them. Many fast food restaurants won't charge you for water, and there's always a McDonalds or Starbucks nearby. 

No fast food stores here! If backpackers can find a way to refill on water in the mountains, we can definitely find a way to do so in the city.

3. I always forget to bring one. 

This issue is habit. While it is tough to integrate something into your everyday carry, especially something as large as an insulated water bottle, it isn't impossible. The best way I have found to handle it is to have a designated place for all of your "gear", meaning wallet, phone, keys, pocket knives, pens, purses, bags, etc. This way, you will already get into the habit of going to this area before you leave home. Put your water bottle there in a visible place and you'll never forget it!

Throwing it into your pack will become second nature!

4. They give my water a taste, or I don't like the taste of water.

The different taste of water is caused by plastics and aluminum that may react with the water. On the other hand, LAMOSE bottles are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel, meaning that they are inert enough to not react with food. LAMOSE bottles won't change the taste of your water at all!

On the other side of the same coin, many people dislike the taste of water altogether. It can be boring! However, there are many companies out there making some low or no calorie flavour "enhancers" for water, such as Nuun tablets or MiO bottles. Some of them even have electrolytes or other additives which make them usable as sports drinks in high exertion activities. 


There it is! 4 ways to make carrying a reusable bottle around easier for the everyday. Any nay-sayers should have no reason not to carry a bottle with them. Remember, a minor convenience isn't worth it if it can be harmful. Choose a reusable bottle over bottled water every time! Together, we can create the change this world needs. #LAMOSEGo! 



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